Monday, November 25, 2013

5, 6, AND 7 Month Catch -Up!!

I'm not doing so great at keeping up with my blog. Each month would pass and I would think, oh well, i'll just combine two months together, then another month would pass, and another, and now we are at 7 months...well, about a week shy, but close enough!!! It's just been too difficult to find time to sit down and use the computer....alone. As I type now, I'm fighting off Lyra's fingers from touching my keyboard. The ipad isn't enough for her to use next to me, the keyboard is of course much more interesting. Aaron tried letting her play with an old laptop of his and it only took a few minutes for her to discover she could break off all of the keys, so needless to say her hands are staying off of mine! I could use my phone, but it's too much to type on a small device, I'd rather use the computer. Ok, rant over...lets see what I can remember what has happened over the last several months. It's goes by so quickly, it seems like a blur!

Sleep?!? What is that?!? Ay yi yi...this child of mine has turned my world completely upside down. I only THOUGHT I was sleep deprived with Lyra. That was nothing and actually what seems now as a piece of cake compared to the lack of sleep I get now. At least with just Lyra I had the option of napping when Lyra napped if I needed one, but now with two, that's completely out of the question. It's very rare to have them both be asleep at the same time, unless we are driving.
She was doing fine until the teething symptoms started at which point she began waking up EVERY TWO the dot...sometimes it would only be an hour and a half. I kept thinking it was just a phase and eventually she would begin to sleep longer, so I waited...and waited...and waited...and before I knew it two months had passed and nothing had changed! Finally at her six month check up, I expressed my concerns to her doctor and he suggested moving her to her room and begin "self soothing". So I tried it. I tried it for two weeks. It was frustrating and exhausting. I ended up doing the one thing I said I would NEVER do...I figured she would just sleep better and a little longer if I let her sleep WITH me! The main reason I didn't want her to sleep with me was that it's just not comfortable and I don't sleep well, but I guess it's slightly better than what I was doing before. Now at least I don't have to get out of bed and I can still be half asleep during middle of the night feedings.

I wish I could say she has taken to a bottle and loves baby food, but NOPE, not my child. She is and will definitely continue to be a "no bottle, no way" baby. I guess I can't blame her...she's very smart, she knows what the good stuff is and isn't settling for anything less! It use to really bother me, ALOT, but surprisingly I have adjusted to the exclusive breastfeeding lifestyle. Once I finally accepted it, I stopped stressing over it and it's made life a little less stressful. The hardest part of it though is being the ONLY person that can feed her, so I get frustrated at times when I have to stop what I'm doing feed her, instead of Aaron or anyone else doing it for me.
I started giving her baby food at 4 months and she hated it...ok, fine, i'll try again at 5 months...nope, still hated it, UGH...ok, fine, by 6 months she will love it, right?!? HA! Six months rolls around and I'm thinking ok this should be better....nope, not even a little bit. She was even smart enough to pucker her lips together so I couldn't get the spoon in....what a stinker! Needless to say I was very frustrated. At her 6 month check up, her pedi was a little concerned with her not wanting to eat baby food so he told me to keep working on it and if it didn't get better to call him, so of course this made me a little nervous and stressed. The idea of Baby Led Weaning had been in the back of my head for a while, but I just hadn't had the time to read about it, so I wasn't even sure how to begin with that. One day, I was eating pizza for dinner and as I ate, Elyse was grabbing for what I had, as usual, so I had the instinct to give her a small piece to hold....she started chomping on it right away...and thats when I realized, with the help of friends, that I had already begun Baby Led Weaning! Sweet! This made me feel relieved to have a new plan for her eating and she has been trying new things ever since. Most things I give her she doesn't try, but some things she will at least "gum" it for a while which helps to give me a few minutes to scarf down my own food without having to entertain her.

She has become quite the "grabber" and reaches for everything...nothing is safe, especially if it's in my hands. Lyra is not a fan of Elyse becoming more interested in her toys. If I had a dollar for every time I said the word "share"! She has also become very good at sitting on her own, of course with a little assistance, but for the most part she does very well with it. She isn't a fan of laying on her back or being on her tummy, so not sure what she will do as far as rolling and crawling...she may just go straight to standing, who knows.

She is growing out of her clothes much quicker than Lyra did. I have had to sort clothes...out with the old sizes and in with the new sizes. I was sad to store away all the newborn sizes because those are the sweetest, so tiny! I even put away the 0-3 month sizes and she has been wearing size 6 months. It wasn't all that long ago that Lyra was wearing that size. Elyse is also about to be in the same size diapers as Lyra is NOW, lol. She is currently wearing size 2, but as soon as we finish out this box of size 2 diapers, I'm moving her up to size 3. She already wears size 3 at night to give her more room.

Her hair is starting to fill in nicely...a light/dark brown. Her eyes are a shade of brown, sometimes they look dark and sometimes lighter, so they are probably not done changing.

No teeth yet. Her teething symptoms began at 3 months and was manageable till 4 months at which it became super stressful. Nothing seem to help. I finally made a desperate purchase (and by desperate, I mean like my life depended on it!) of an Amber Teething Necklace and it has definitely helped. I even bought Lyra one. I'm a believer!

So, aside from all the stressful moments, she still is my sweet baby. She is a "momma's girl" ALL THE WAY! She doesn't let anybody hold her but me. She has become better about letting Aaron take her for a few minutes, but it's not long before she is crying for me. I love this very much about her, I do, and I'm constantly reminding myself to enjoy it as long as it last, but it would be nice to have a small break time to time. She can be very chill and laid back at times, but she can also be just as high maintenance as Lyra! She is very smart and knows EXACTLY what she wants, she can't be fooled.

1st time on our new playground!

Pumpkin Patch visit

Wearing Lyra's outfit from last Halloween. lol!

The cutest Minnie Mouse I've ever seen!

1st grocery cart ride!

Nom Nom!

Family Picture Day!

When she takes her first drive, this is what I will remember!

Hi, Baby!

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