Monday, August 12, 2013

The last 3 months...

The last three months have been a complete life adjustment, even more than I anticipated! I have discovered that I have little to no time to fit in some computer time and if I do have a few moments here and there, I'm usually too exhausted to attempt it; so needless to say, I'm pretty far behind on my blog so I have a little catching up to do...

Dear Elyse,

You are the sweetest, most beautiful baby girl...I can't get enough of you! I could stare at you all day and keep my lips attached to your cheeks. I had no idea how it would feel to love a second child, but now I know how much my heart can grow. I love to hold you close and breathe in your breath. I remind myself often to cherish all these moments with you as a baby while I can because I know how quickly you will grow throughout the year.

You are the complete opposite of your sister...thank goodness! lol! Your sister was and still is very high maintenance. So far you have been pretty low maintenance, mostly being fussy in the evenings and night. During the day, you are laid back and happy. You only cry if you're hungry, tired, have a dirty diaper, or have been sitting in your car seat too long.

You look just like your daddy - you especially have his nose, the dimple in your chin, and the same widow's peak - but you have your momma's skin tone and dark eyes and hair. I like to call you my "mexican baby". I wonder if you will be lucky enough to have my freckles too!

Over the last three months, you have become much more wide-eyed and interactive...I especially love your smiles that light up your entire face! You are awake more during the day, wanting to see everything that is going on. Sometimes you will sleep great at night, only waking up once, but often you still wake up two or three times to feed. Since last week, you have been sleeping in your pack and play, next to momma's bed. You definitely know who your momma is and you recognize when your sister is around you...kind of hard to miss her with all the loud noises she makes, but oddly enough you seem to be soothed by her loud noises, except when she makes sudden screams, then you you get scared and cry. Momma knows you'll get use to it and will be making all kinds of loud noises yourself before I know it. You prefer to be held or to sit up, rather than laying on your back. In order to get a few things done around the house, I often place you in your vibrating chair or just recently, the bumbo chair since you have become stronger. You can roll to your side now so I have to keep a careful eye on you when I lay you down anywhere. If you're not eating, then your chomping on your hands. I have made many attempts to give you a pacifier, but you want nothing to do with it and spit it right back out. I have also made many attempts to give you a bottle and you won't even give it a try...this is VERY frustrating for momma!! As much as I love to nurse you, sometimes momma needs a break. I'm hoping that in the near future you will at least drink from a sippy cup. 

Your sister loves you very much, always giving you kisses and hugs. If I had a dollar for every time I have had to say, "leave your sister alone, she is sleeping", I would be rich! It won't be long before you are playing with her and I'm really looking forward to it! 

Just last week, we traveled to New York to see Daddy's family and you were an excellent plane rider. You never screamed or cried, only a little fussing, but all I had to do was feed you and you were content again. Momma was very nervous to fly with you since your sister was not a great traveler, but I'm glad you did well and maybe next time we can take sister with us.

Looking through your pictures over the last three months, you have already changed so much and I know in the next three months, you will be a very different baby. 

I will love you the mostest, forever and ever!



6 lb 15 oz 19.5 in

8 lbs 10 oz 21.25 in

10 lb

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