Wednesday, August 28, 2013

18 Months

So much has changed about Lyra in the last six months...transforming from baby to toddler so quickly.

EATING - She is such a picky eater! I have always been told what a picky eater I was as a kid and I remember being picky, even up to my adult years, but man she seems much worse! The one thing she does love is milk. I haven't had much luck getting rid of her bottles of milk, but I haven't been trying very hard either. While also attending to her sister, I don't really have the patience to listen to the whining. Lyra will begin a MDO program one day a week that may be helpful in ridding her of her bottle and amount of milk she has since she won't have either while she is we will see how that goes. So not only is she a picky eater, but she also eats like a bird...geez, this kid is too much like me as a kid!! She eats the tiniest portions of anything which is why I end up letting her have more of her milk...she needs some kind of calories. I often get frustrated trying to find foods that I think she will like and then she won't even try it. I know this is completely normal for a toddler, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating. This is what she will eat...

cheese slices
cheese crackers
fruit snacks
mac and cheese
graham crackers
grilled cheese
some fruit (depends on the day)
fruit squeeze packets

As you can see, the list is really short and you won't find meats or vegetables. Sometimes she will eat other things if we are in a social setting, but you never know what she is going to do. Along with her milk, I also give her a sippy cup with water and a little apple juice in it.

PLAY - She has come a long way in her ability to play on her own without fussing so much. This girl LOVES to play outside...she would live outside if she could! Unfortunately with the heat of the summer, we don't stay outside much and she gets restless if we stay indoors too long and starts banging on the doors to get out. lol. She loves to pull out all of her toys and spread them all over the house and of course this drives me absolute nuts! I spend too much time moving her toys from the middle of the floor (from any hard surfaces) so that she won't trip over them and face-plant...because SHE DOES! She loves to pull or push toys around, like her baby stroller and shopping cart. She likes putting lids on toys and tupperware and playing in the pantry, pulling out the spices and anything else she discovers on the bottom shelf. She has also found a new love for several of her old baby items like her swing, vibrating chair, jumperoo, and activity playmat....and only because her sister is now enjoying those things. Luckily she is still small enough to fit in all of those things so we just let her do it. It's pretty funny and cute. She has been walking since about a year old and it wasn't long before she was running...and falling MORE. She is such a klutz...she trips over air! I often joke that I need to buy her knee pads and helmet...but it's no joke, i'm serious! You would think she would be use to all the falls she has taken and just get up and brush it off, but nope, it's like the first time every time! She is a mess, but I lover her!

SLEEPING - Her bed time routine has remained the same since she was 8 months. I am very thankful that she does well with the routine and has been sleeping through the night since. My only dislike is that she wakes up TOO early! If I was working, then it would work out fine, but anytime before 7am for a stay at home mom is much too early. She has always been an early riser, never sleeping even till 8am. She goes to bed between 8 and 8:30pm and wakes between 6 and 7am. I'm not sure what we are going to do with the time change coming up because if she wakes up at 5am, I just might die!
There has never been much routine to her nap time...every day is different, depending on what we are doing that day. She has always been a good car sleeper, so waiting around at home for her to nap is pointless. If we do stay home, then she will take one long nap in the afternoon. With the heat of the summer, I like to get my errands ran early, so if we are out long enough then she falls asleep in the car...I'm not a fan of her doing this because that usually means she doesn't sleep for long and will end up taking a second nap later in the day and when she wakes up from that one she is a complete beast, sometimes taking an hour to de-grump!

TALKING - She really doesn't speak many words, but she has been making more of an effort and babbling a lot more. I really can't wait till she learns more words and I'm hoping that being in the MDO program will help with that. I'm not the best at reading her mind or understanding what she is trying to tell me, so it's definitely frustrating for the both of us.

A few words she does know:
Thank you (I love that she learned this!)
NaNa (her versions of MaMa)
FaFa (her version of our cat, Lola)

BIG SISTER - Oh how I LOVE that she loves her sister SO MUCH! She is so sweet to her and very protective. We have been lucky to not have any major jealousy issues...yet. She loves to give her kisses, hug her, and even will want to hold her. I think it may become a little bit different when Elyse is old enough to play with her toys and she has to learn to share them.

She has grown up so much in the last six months and before I know it, I'll be planning her 2nd birthday party! Sometimes I don't know how this tiny human being can drive me absolute bonkers and raise my blood pressure so high one minute and then melt my heart in the next minute....ugh...but i love her to pieces and couldn't imagine my life without her!!

I had a photo session with the girls a few weeks ago with a mommy group friend I made, Sarah...she did a great job. It was a thousand degrees outside and Lyra was not interested in being photographed that day. I'm looking forward to having her take our Christmas family pictures this fall!

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