Saturday, June 22, 2013

36 Weeks...SURPRISE!!

I really thought I was going to make it to my scheduled 39 week c-section, but apparently my body had other plans and at 36 weeks, my body decided it was done being pregnant!

The day before I was actually 36 weeks, I was at my friend's house with Lyra, for our usual "Monday Funday" playdate, feeling just fine. It wasn't until I had left the house and was driving home that I noticed something different...and to spare you the full details, it turned out that I was leaking amniotic fluid. I had no idea that was the case until later that night, I was still leaking heavily, so I looked it up online and read a few comments of women who had experienced the same thing. I began to get nervous and uncertain of what I should do. I called my friend Leila to ask her what she thought I was experiencing and if I should call my doctor. I was hesitant to call my doctor because I wasn't sure what I was experiencing was all that serious. Well, thankfully Leila convinced me to call because it turns out it was serious. The doctor that was on call asked me several questions, then told me to pack an overnight bag and head to the hospital so that I could be admitted for observation. If I was in fact leaking amniotic fluid, then I would deliver the following morning...WHAT?!? When the doctor told me that, I began to freak out! Juuussst Greeaaat...well, thankfully I had already had everything ready, but the ONE thing I had yet to get done was pack my overnight bag. I had actually planned on doing it the following week because my goal was to have everything done by the END of my 36 week. So I packed a few things up and we headed to the hospital. Unfortunately we had to wake Lyra up to take her with us, so she was extra grumpy and was not easy to deal with. Once I was admitted and settled in, the nurse gave me the test to check if what I was leaking was in fact amniotic showed "negative", so the doctor said I was going to stay overnight for observation and continue to be monitored. With that said, it was best for Aaron to go back home so that Lyra could go back to sleep and if I heard any other news, I would just call. I was so tired, but there was no way I could fall asleep. I felt very uncomfortable and I was still feeling nervous about the situation because I knew what I was feeling was not normal. After laying in the bed for about an hour, I had to call the nurse to inform her that I had still been leaking ALOT of fluid. There was no way this was "normal" and if it wasn't amniotic fluid and I was just going to be sent home the next day, there was no way I could continue to function normally with the amount of fluid I was leaking. So the nurse tested me once again and this time the test came back "positive"...I KNEW IT! But now that meant that I was going to be having a baby REAL SOON! The nurse spoke with my doctor and returned to inform me that my c-section would be scheduled for 7am...which was in four hours! YIKES! I called Aaron, gave him news, and made arrangements for Lyra to be taken care of. Wow...I really couldn't believe I was about to have a baby at 36 weeks. It was scary, yet exciting all at the same time. All the things I hadn't done yet began to flood my mind, but I was also relieved by how much I had got done and the minor things that were left would be easy to finish even after Elyse arrived.

The next four hours passed by pretty quickly with the preparations for the c-section. I was even more tired since I hadn't slept at all since the night before and I kept thinking that this was my last night to get any kind of decent sleep and I definitely was not going to get it. Oh well. The closer the time came to the c-section, the more nervous I got. I thought I was going to be less nervous the second time around, but I felt a little more nervous this time and I wasn't really sure why.

Everything leading up to the c-section and the actual c-section was much less pleasant this time around...seriously, I came out of the operating room thinking I definitely did not want to go through that   for another kid! The only thing that was easier the second time around was the recovery...the first time I got out of bed was 1,000 times less painful than after I had Lyra. It was much easier for me to get around and I didn't have to take many pain pills. My recovery went so well that as soon as my doctor said that I had the option of going home on the second day, rather than waiting till the third day, I didn't even hesitate to say "yes, we definitely want to go home early". I was missing Lyra and I felt that there wasn't anything the nurses were doing for me at the hospital that I couldn't do myself at home, where I would be more comfortable.

Once we made it home, I maybe spent the first day in bed after that I was up and moving just like any other day. Even though Aaron was off work and my mother in law was here to help, I still felt the need to get out of bed and get things done. I think being productive gave me a sense of control while I was not in control of many other things after just giving birth. I was ready to find our "new normal" and begin our crazy lives with two kids...ready...set...go!

Definitely looks like Aaron!

On our way home

Both girls on their 1st day into the world!

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