Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Weekend!

Waiting in line to see the Easter Bunny @ Katy Mills Mall

Not the best pic, but at least she didn't have a horrible cry face...just a fussy one. She was not a fan of the Easter bunny!
Enjoying the festivities at Suzanne's house

7 of us were Dance Majors at SHSU :) I love that we all still keep in touch and get to watch our kids grow!

I like to color coordinate with her. lol.

Hunting eggs!

All the kiddos...yep, those are TRIPLETS!

Lyra had a fun day with Daddy!
Doesn't look like much has changed...just lighter hair. lol.

We took a stroll around the block...she was trying to give me a kiss :)

She loves her new wagon!
Lyra and Wynston playing
We have that same toy at home...on the iPad! ha ha
Tried to get a good pic...
Wynston's car was a big hit!
LOL...I can just see this happening when they are old enough to drive! uh oh!

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