Friday, April 12, 2013


14 months...Toddlerhood has been interesting. She learns something new every day or week. I'm still waiting for her words to form because I'm sooooo over trying to be a mind would think I would be amazing at it by now, but nope, it's still hard! lol. Most of the time I just look at Lyra and say "I don't know what that means"

Walking - yep, that's right...she is on the loose with her wobbly little legs and limited balance. She doesn't crawl much anymore, she definitely prefers to walk and trying to hold her hand only makes her more unstable so it's easier just to let her go. She falls often and cries every would think she would be use to it by now.

Napping - She has pretty much transitioned to taking one nap a day. Sometimes she will have a second nap, if her first nap was earlier than usual because we were out of the house early and she fell asleep in the car.

Sleeping - I am so thankful that she is a good sleeper and goes to bed so easily without a fight!! Her bedtime routine begins with bath time around 5 or 6pm, then it's dinner and playtime before heading up to bed around 7:30. I don't let her stay up passed 8pm because she sleeps till around 7am or 7:30.

Eating -'s frustrating how picky and finicky she is. She still drinks up to 3 bottles of milk which I guess is because she doesn't eat enough solids. I always offer her what I am eating and if I know she isn't going to like it, then I offer her something I think she may eat instead. Sometimes she will surprise me and eat several bits of something and sometimes she will completely refuse it...I just never know. I try not to worry about it too much because I know this is normal for a toddler. I'm curious what her doctor will say at her next check up in May, so I'm looking forward to speaking to him about it.

Misc - She loves to be outside...wagon rides, playing with chalk, blowing bubbles, walking, and playing on playgrounds. She just learned how to climb, so anything that she is tall enough to climb...she's on it!

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