Tuesday, March 12, 2013

13 Months

Just in the last month, Lyra has changed so much in her skills and personality! Aside from the typical frustrations of raising a toddler now, I'm really enjoying all her new skills.

Walking...she can stand up on her own without holding on the anything, then take a few steps forward. Every day she gets stronger and more comfortable with it. It really is exciting to watch! I just have to make sure I have her hand when she is on any other surface except carpet.

Talking...Still sticks to -dada, -dadee, and -nana(for mama), but she has been babbling more and making her own conversations.

Teething...Only has one bottom tooth that finally broke through the skin. No sign of others yet. Fortunately, we haven't had any tough days or nights with her teething. She lets me know when her gums are bothering her and then I give her teething tablets. She has always refused teething toys, so I stick to teething tablets or some kind of food that she can gnaw on.

Playtime...She is beginning to show more interest in her toys and playing a little longer with them. Her favorite toy is her gymboree ball. I'm beginning to work on "sharing" which is never an easy task.

Sleep...Every since I moved her to her crib at 8 months, Lyra has been a decent sleeper. We had a few rough patches along the way, but she picked up on the routine quickly and she goes down without a fight. Now with the recent time change, we head upstairs to her room just before 8pm to read two of her books, then I let her turn out the light because she loves that she can do that now, and then she knows to rest her head on my shoulder while I sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Twinkle Little Star". I sing them a couple times each and then lay her in her crib, cover her with the blanket, and turn out her night light. And no fight. As difficult as she can be during the day, we have been fortunate to have an easy bedtime routine. She sleeps till around 7am and will usually take two naps during the day.

Eating...Unfortunately she is a picky and finicky eater. I was shocked that the transition from formula to  whole milk was so quick and simply since she is particular about everything. She drinks a full bottle of milk when she wakes up and throughout the day, she will drink another 8oz bottle of milk. Some of her favorite foods include: veggie/fruit squeeze packs, toast with nutella, macaroni and cheese, pasta, cheese, yogurt, french fries and any sweet snacks that I eat. She is not a fan of anything that has a lot of texture like beef or chicken. She likes mashed or pureed fruits, but not solid pieces of fruit. One day she will like something and the next day she won't eat it...you never know what she wants, but she will definitely let you know what she doesn't like. She is old enough to not force her to eat, so I just attempt a few new things time to time and if she doesn't like it, I just go back to what she does like. It's a little frustrating and annoying, but I know it's common in toddlers so I just have to roll with it.

Other Skills...She knows how to give kisses when I ask her, points to her nose when asked "where's Lyra's nose?", can give a high 5, turn on and unlock a cell phone, can point to my belly button.

Lots of fun things going on, but we have our daily battles too. She can be super sweet, but also very bratty when she doesn't get her way. She may be small in size, but she makes up for it in her personality! lol.

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