Thursday, February 7, 2013

24 weeks...good bye 2nd trimester!

This pregnancy is really flying by quickly which is good because as I said before, I'm pretty much over it...

Restless Sleep. Sleeping with a body pillow helps, but I still toss and turn during the night to get comfortable. We just got a new king size bed that is amazing, but I don't really get to enjoy it to it's fullest potential while pregnant.

Constant Fatigue. I have more energy than I did during my first trimester, but I'm still tired from the lack of sleep I get. I feel bad because it's difficult to chase Lyra around all day and I know I don't interact with her as much as I could if I wasn't pregnant. Especially now that my belly has grown significantly, I do what I can while sitting. Lyra constantly wants to be held and her new favorite thing is to climb up my leg and insist I pick her up which becomes quite a dilemma when I'm moving around, trying to get things done. I will be glad when she can walk. I know it will be tough, but the independence will be slightly helpful to me.

 Hormones. They have been making my skin crazy with breakouts! Enough said.

The biggest difference between this pregnancy and the last is how much baby girl moves in my is the craziest feeling. I barely felt Lyra move and most times I wasn't even sure what I was feeling, but this baby girl is constantly kicking and moving throughout the day. So far I haven't loss any sleep with her kicks; I don't think I feel any during the night. I am enjoying her movement because it continues to reassure me that she's doing ok in there.

I have still been downing apple juice like it's going out of style, but no other weird cravings. I have been gaining 2 pounds per month which is damn good for me, lol. I only gained one pound a month with Lyra.

I haven't given to much thought to baby stuff until after I get through Lyra's birthday next week, but I did decide on a nursery theme....OWLS. Thanks to my friend Melissa, I discovered an owl theme that wasn't pink. I found it on eBay for cheap and couldn't pass it up. I had to pull the trigger early because it was the last one left and I knew I wasn't going to find anything cheaper. I love the purple and teal colors and Hobby Lobby has tons of decor that will be a great addition to it! I posted a picture below.

How far along? 24 weeks
Total Weight Gain? 9 lbs
Maternity clothes? Definitely!
Stretch marks? Thankfully still no, but the veins on my belly are a little creepy.
Sleep: I wish. Still toss and turn in attempt to get comfortable.
Best moment this month: nothing too exciting to report.
Miss anything? ME time!
Movement: Everyday!
Food cravings: Still apple juice.
Anything make you queasy or sick? Lyra's formula gags me!
Gender: Still a girl!
Mood: Tired. Tired. Tired.
Looking forward to: One day...returning to my pre-baby body!

Definitely growing!

New bedding!

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