Saturday, January 5, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

It was a looooong wait, but well worth it to have our new home! I love this house and I can't wait to get settled into it. I will miss our current home just in the fact that it was our first house as a couple and a family and all the memories we made in it, but I will not be missing the things that always bothered me about it. It has been a great first home, but with just one kid, we have already outgrown it and with another on the way, we needed  more space! Our new house is twice the size of the old house with plenty of room to remain in for a very long least until the kids are out on their own.

The moving process has already begun, making a trip to the house each day with a loaded car of small items before the moving company arrives on Tuesday morning. I have moved SO many times in my life that I truly despise moving and it never gets easier so it will be comforting to know I won't have to do it again for  while.

Thank you to my hubby for all his hard work and stress during this headache of a process...all while working and going to school! Through all the obstacles we encountered along the way, I kept pushing my strong desire for this house and he kept fighting for it because he knew how much I wanted it. "A happy wife is a happy life"...right?!? :)

Love the curb we just have to keep it that way! lol

It's official!

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