Tuesday, January 22, 2013

11 months...already?!?

Trying to take the sticker off, of course. I got a somewhat decent pic just in time!
Some days and weeks seem to drag painfully slow, but for the most part, these last 11 months have flown by and we have watched our little girl morph from a blob that just eats, sleeps, and poops to this tiny person with a personality....and boy does she have one! She is all smiles around people and I love that her entire face lights up when she smiles at us. She is very particular, knows exactly what she wants...I just have a hard time figuring out what exactly that is sometimes. I will be grateful when she talks so I can stop trying to be a mind reader! She scares easy and is very cautious about new surroundings and things. She has to take it all in and watch before decided if she wants to try anything. I was super excited to finally use her rubber ducky bath tub and after it had been blown up she freaked out and cried. The next day I had filled it up with water and tried to put her in it for bath time, but she wasn't having it and screamed till I got her out. Ugh. So for now, it stays in her room in hopes that she gets better acquainted with it and we will try again another time. She will play with her toys on her own for a few rare moments, but she still wants my constant attention and entertainment and plays better if I play with her...meaning, I get absolutely nothing done most days and in order to get anything done I have to let her cry. No matter how much I try to keep her occupied with something, she wants be be held or have me sit down with her. Then by the time she takes a nap, I'm too tired to do much after entertaining her for the last few hours...It's exhausting. Aaron's mom was in town last week and she got to see first hand what I was talking about...she agreed!

Lyra's main form of mobilization is crawling. Funny to think about how hard of a time she was having learning to crawl just a few months ago and is now a pro! If she has something to hold on to, then she stands herself up and walks along it. She hasn't attempted any steps on her own yet, but I have seen her stand all by herself without holding onto something for a few seconds. She lets go of whatever she was holding on to because she is occupied by something she is carrying, so I don't think she realizes what she is doing just yet. She gets excited when she walks while holding my hands and I get a kick out of how she walks on her toes! How is she going to learn to walk like that?!? lol. She's my little ballerina already! She also has a little walker that she can hold on to while pushing it around. She does pretty well with it, but I have to follow her because I fear she will face plant when she runs into something. When we moved into the new house, I quickly discovered that she can crawl up the stairs...ALL.THE.WAY.UP! Great. Needless to say, we purchased baby gates and are working on getting them up. I had no idea she was capable of doing all that...but there you go!

Naps have become less frequent, finally dropping off the 3rd nap and just having two...one in the morning, two or three ours after waking up, then a late afternoon nap. Bath time is around 6pm and bedtime follows around 8 or 9pm, depending on when she wakes up from her afternoon nap. Her wake up time is close to 7am or shortly after which is better than the 6am she was doing several weeks prior. Prior to moving, Lyra was sleeping through the night, but since the move, she has been waking up during the night and with being sick the last few days, it has been worse. Hoping she gets well soon and goes back to sleeping through the night.

Nothing is off limits to her...anything she can reach, her hands are touching it! She is curious about everything and her favorite item is any electrical cords...ahh! Opening and digging in cabinets are always a fun game that will quickly end once we get the locks on them. I look forward to the day that she learns how to put items away...that will be a much more fun game...for me! lol.

Birthday planning has officially begun...hard to believe, but I'm excited to reach this milestone and continue to grow and gain more independence! The more she has before her sister arrives, the better, for the both of us!

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