Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gymboree Fun!

I signed Lyra up for Gymboree classes and we have been going for about three weeks now. It was a rough start, a bit overwhelming for her at first, but she warms up a little more each time we go. She is such a monkey at our house, climbing all over the furniture, you would think she would take full advantage of a place that has no boundaries. She is just not the risk taker kind of girl, she has to feel it out and warm up to it first.

We attend a music & play class for her age group once a week and then we also attend the open gym times throughout the week. It gives her an opportunity to interact with other babies close to her age and learn new skills, plus it gets us out of the house for an hour or so. The teachers are very nice and energetic...I really like it!

When I took Lyra to the open gym the other day, that was the first time that she really let loose. It took her a few minutes to scope things out and then she decided she was ready to play and she took off crawling around the place...I was so excited because I was beginning to give up on the idea of taking her and thought about canceling the classes for a little while.

Attending her first of the few moments she wasn't crying.

2nd class...still scoping it out

She loved the blocks...she likes to knock them down!

The rings were a big hit

She won't crawl thru the tunnel yet

She loved the pink ball...kept chasing it around the room

Such a good crawler now!

Bumper scooters!

I dragged her around the room!

Nom Nom Nom

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