Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas With Friends & Family!

We began our Christmas festivities on Sunday evening, heading to my best friend Suzanne's house to join her family and Leila's family...a new tradition now that we all three have kids! We had dinner, desert, and presents...good times!

Christmas morning we put together Lyra's toys and watched her play, then while she napped we did a little cooking to prepare for Christmas dinner and watched one of my favorite Christmas movies, Home Alone.

Christmas afternoon we traveled north to The Woodlands to visit Aaron's cousin's family. The weather was gorgeous when we arrived and when leaving it dropped 40 degrees...that's Texas for ya!

By the time we got home Lyra was knocked out and I got to enjoy my other favorite Christmas movie Home Alone 2! It's just not Christmas with out

Aside from not being able to decorate, Christmas was great this year and with Lyra, it really added a whole new meaning. I can't wait to see how different she is next year when she is really excited about her gifts and it will be even better with a second baby! Hard to believe she is almost one year old and I'm already trying to plan her 1st birthday.

Lots of pictures to enjoy below...

Trying to get all three kids to pose for a pic on the couch....

And this was the best we could do!

Looking VERY cute in her outfit!

All smiles for Daddy :)

Momma and Baby(s)! lol!

Family pic

Reindeer Piggies :)

Ready for bed in her Christmas PJs!

Ready to play with her new toy

But first Daddy has to build it!


Yay...time to play!

Peek A Boo!

Daddy helping her reach the clock

Crawling thru...

Time to open more presents

Nom Nom Nom...Puzzles are yummy!

More bedtime books...Momma was tired of reading the same ones!

Coach purse for me :)

Merry Christmas!

Even the kitties got gifts!

Hercules found the catnip right away!

Now Lola's turn

And Lola has claimed her spot for the rest of the day!

Daddy's new Christmas Pajama pants were a big hit!

From my Aunt Cindy
Matching polka dots!

I like to match her :)

We don't always get lucky with smiles!
I made Reindeer Poo!

Christmas Card!

Beautiful Families that made it to our fridge this holiday!

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