Tuesday, November 13, 2012

9 Months!

These last four weeks have been very challenging...lots of highs and lows. My poor girl just hasn't had much of a break from being sick and I'm sick of cleaning out her nose and giving her medicine several times a day. She may be small, but she is a strong fighter. I have to pin her down to accomplish any task involving her face. It use to break my heart and sometimes it still does, but I have had to do it so much and I know it's for her own good, so I just do what I gotta do to get it done and not allow myself to be too emotional about it. As a kid, I was AWFUL with medicine, so I know how she feels and of course I now know how frustrated my mom felt then. I know she is watching me and saying, "Yep, I use to have to do the same thing with you." She had her first dose of the flu shot last month and the second dose today...hoping she stays on the homeward bound of getting well. Last week she went the doctor because she had laryngitis, congestion, cough and a rash. Since then she has been doing better, just a slight runny nose and cough at times.

Lyra has a very demanding and needy personality...she cries ALL THE TIME! The first question everyone ask me is if I let her cry or do I give in to her? Ugh...Yes, I definitely let her cry and sometimes she'll give up, but most of the time she will cry the entire time until I pick her up. I had to let her cry last night while I made dinner...I placed her in her walker, in the kitchen with me, and she cried for the entire 30 minutes it took me to finish. I can't even leave a room without her freaking out. It doesn't even break my heart, it annoys me. I love her to death, but geez kid! I hope this is a phase that she will eventually grow out of...maybe when she can walk and be more independent, maybe.

Being a Stay-At-Home Mom is bittersweet...I love not having to go to an actual job, but the job I have now is twice as hard as any job I have ever had, especially with my kid! lol. The sweet part is the time I get to spend with Lyra and how well I have been able to get to know her. When she is being cute, SHE'S CUTE! She's really growing into a tiny person, noticing so much about the world. At times she will play on her own, I love to watch her explore and get excited about objects. I'm really looking forward to watching her grow into a toddler. It will be nice when she can communicate through words and I can actually know what she wants her needs...that doesn't mean that I will always like what she has to say, but at least I will know! lol.

Yesterday Lyra surprised me with a few good crawling steps...uh oh! She has been working on it for a while and I knew it was only a matter of time. She gets real mad when she falls and gives me this sad, pitiful face...poor girl...lol. I tell her, "sorry hun, we all gotta go through this and all those falls will make you stronger...so keep trying." If only she could understand me!

*ALMOST crawling!
*Says "Da-Da" for everything
*Pick up her snacks with her pointer and thumb and put them in her mouth by herself
*Finally sitting up all by herself with minimal falls
*Trying to pull herself up
*Loves to dig for items, throw items, and drop items...ugh.
*Wearing size 2 diapers
*Wearing 0-3 month clothes. lol.
*Sleeping through the night in her crib. The time change has shortened her sleep time though :(
*Still naps 3 or 4 times a day, about 30 minutes long...ugh, but sometimes she'll make it longer.
*No teeth yet...I'm ok with this!
*Eyes are a hazel green color
*Tries a few table foods that I offer like: eggs, chicken, pasta, toast, ice cream, bananas, etc.
*Can always count on my cats to make her smile...she likes to grab their fur now and their tails!

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