Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy 8 Months!

8 months old
13 lbs 26 in
(didn't even bother to put a headband on since they look funny with her hair now)
Aside from Lyra's continued lack of a good night sleep, it's been a good month. For the last four months, she had been sleeping in her pack and play in our bedroom, but I finally reached my breaking point after too many sleepless nights and decided to move her to her crib in her nursery. That first night, I said my prayers and prepared myself for a tough night of hearing her cry, but a miracle happened...Lyra slept for TEN hours, from 10pm to 8am! I couldn't believe it! I kept checking the monitor of course to make sure she was still alive and I was even tempted to go check her breathing, but forced myself to remain in bed and enjoy the silence because I had no idea if I would be blessed with any other nights like that. Well, I was blessed with only two more nights and after that she began to wake up once or twice during the night and then I was really confused...ugh! She had already proved to me that she could sleep through the night, so why are other nights different?!? At Lyra's doctor appointment I asked her doctor for his advice and he gave me the green light to begin gradually letting her cry longer at night. It's tough to hear her scream...not just fuss, full on SCREAM...but it's worth it in the long run if I can get her to sleep better at night and in turn giving me a better night sleep!

So on a better note, Lyra will be crawling before I know it. She has been a pro at rolling for the last few months, slowly building more upper body strength that will help her get to sitting herself up and crawling. She can finally sit up without support but she is still a little shaky and eventually takes a nose dive forward which she hates. She does sit up well enough to finally sit in a high chair at a restaurant...yay...makes it so much easier!

I feel like she is such a big girl when I give her snacks! We keep it simple for now because she still doesn't have any teeth so we use baby snacks such as yogurt melts and crackers and sometimes I'll give her a few pieces of whatever I'm eating if I think she can handle it. I'm going to start giving her Pediasure and higher calorie solid foods in order to continue to get more calories in her.

So here are a few other things going on...
*Enjoys being outside
*Not fond of her stroller. She will sit in it for a little bit, then wants to be out
*Already can throw fits by arching her back and/or screaming loudly...ugh!
*Is very vocal, especially when she is tired
*Finally outgrew newborn clothes and is wearing all 0-3 month clothes. Most are still baggy on her.
*Hair is continuing to grow in a dirty blonde color.
*Eyes continue to change color to a hazel color, I think
*EVERYTHING goes into her mouth
*Sleeping in her crib, in her nursery
*Still working on sleeping through the night
*Takes 8oz of formula and we still feed on demand
*Her feet are finally able to touch the floor while sitting in her walker...yay! lol
*We are working on her nap schedule, but it's different every day depending on what we are doing.
*Prefers to be held and wants constant's exhausting!
*Super drama queen...fuss and cries A LOT...about EVERYTHING!

I'm hoping that as she gets older, she will be better at entertaining herself for longer periods. I figure once she is more mobile and can play with her toys better then she might enjoy playing more. I wish she had more babies her age to play with, I think that would be better for her too. It's always just her and I and anyone else we are around usually has kids that are much older or much bigger than her.

Only 4 more months till her 1st birthday and I'll be planning the big day before I know it! As much as I love her being younger, I am also looking forward to more independence as the months go on. I know...she's going to be "miss independent" and not need me to help her at some point, but I was raised to be independent myself and I strongly encourage independence in others as well...even my own daughter, so I'm ok with it. No matter how independent she thinks she is, she will always need her Mom!

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