Wednesday, September 12, 2012

7 Months!

So...7 months...phew, it's been a rough month for sure. Don't let this sweet, smiley face fool you...she is  a DRAMA QUEEN and A HALF! When we are out in public, everyone always admires her and tells me what a happy baby she is...and she is...but mostly she's fussing or crying about something.

Lyra still doesn't sleep well, not since 3 months. Every night is different...sometimes it's three times, sometimes two, and if I'm really lucky then only once. I hope what others tell me is true, that she will grow out of it.

My baby girl is a wiggly, rolling, kicking machine! I miss those days when I knew she would stay in one spot. As soon as I lay her down for anything, she rolls right to her tummy. Getting on a diaper and clothes in near impossible now. We have had a few happens...but nothing major. I wish I could just velcro her to me, lol. I think she will be crawling soon. She is close. Right now she uses her head as leverage to move her knees. She can also scoot on her tummy to change direction.

Nothing I have is safe. If I'm wearing it or holding it, Lyra is grabbing for it. Ahhh! I refuse to give up wearing my jewelry, except bracelets I had to let go if it could break easily, so I do my best to keep her from grabbing my earrings and I don't mind if she chews on my necklaces because I don't buy expensive jewelry. Lyra especially loves to take off my sunglasses...I go cheap on those too. I love to watch her pick up items and explore them and then of course try to eat them.

Her hair is growing in a little more and her eyes are turning a light brown color for now. She is finally beginning to grow into 0-3 month clothes!! I even put some of her newborn pajamas away the other night...sad. We are still squeezing her into size 1 diapers because we have a TON left, but I guess once we run out, we could get her into a 2.

The next doctor appointment will be in October, at 8 months. Her doctor wanted to see her then so that she could get a flu shot and hopefully no more shots till she is one year!

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