Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy 5 Months!

I love watching this girl grow and change every really has been fun! There are of course many tough times with fussing and teething, but all the cuteness makes up for it, most of the time. lol.

Most days I feel like a single parent, in sense that I do everything on my own while Aaron is at work or school. Once again I am so grateful for the independence my mother taught me; otherwise, I don't know how I would make it each day.

We just recently decided that I would not have to return to work after all and I will be able to stay home to take care of Lyra. I am so happy to not have to put her in daycare and continue to spend time with my baby girl!! I never thought that I would ever want to be a stay-at-home mom, but all my thoughts have changed since having a baby. I will find something to keep us busy so I don't get too stir crazy, but just as the last 5 months have been a blessing, I will continue to remain grateful for my time with her.

I know the remaining months up to her 1st year birthday are going to be full of changes and I'm so excited for all of it. I know it's all bittersweet since once she becomes more mobile, everything becomes a danger zone, but I'm ready for it!

5 month stats:

Weight: around 11 lbs
Length: prob 23 in

*Rolls side to side and has rolled over to her tummy only twice so far!
*Grabs her feet
*Brings feet to her mouth
*Is always content with fingers in her mouth
*Giggles and laughs
*Squeals in delight
*Speaks baby gibberish...I love it!
*Follows people and things...especially the cats!
*Knows her Daddy well...always has a huge grin when she sees him :)
*Loves to fall asleep on Daddy's chest
*Still naps every 2-3 hours for at least 30 min, sometimes more.
*Sleep schedule varies, but most of the time she sleeps through the night
*Still sleeps in the pack and play in our bedroom
*Loves to be outside...lots to see!
*Likes all the lights from the tv
*Likes to be held, especially when we go into stores...she likes to be up to see everything and everyone
*Has learned to arch her back in order to scoot her way off or out of things like her carseat or her chair...that sucks! lol
*Pays more attention to her toys and of course wants to taste all of them
*Still wearing newborn size clothes...yep! 
*Has been eating solids for the last month - fruits, vegetables, and rice cereal
*Has entered the beginning stages of teething :(

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