Monday, June 11, 2012

Phone Dump

I was too busy to upload my usual "Friday" Phone Dump, so for this week, it's a "Monday" Phone Dump...Enjoy!

They are a bit out of order.

We met up with Aunt Suzanne for lunch 

I loved this outfit!! And I even got her to wear her ballerina flats for a short cute :)

Fell asleep laying on the blanket...such a hard life!

Another one of my favorite outfits

We went to Aunt Leila's pool and she was not a big fan...decided to take a nap instead :/

First time at the pool!

At the Miller Outdoor Theatre with Momma and Daddy

Not the best picture of us, but we don't get pic with all three of us very often. 

Wish she would have smiled for me!

Check out my swim suit!

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