Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Phone Dump

It's only been a week and I have lots of pictures to share, so ENJOY! Happy Friday everyone!!

We went to happy hour last friday at my favorite place and this is our fave item on the menu...Viva Las Vegas Roll @ RA Sushi

Hanging out, sitting outside, a hare came to visit us...random!

It's so funny to see her in this! She's not quite sure what to do with it yet, she's got a little more growing to do, but she will sit in it contently for a bit.
I call this "Lady In Red"...We went to a friends's wedding last weekend and this was Lyra's outfit!
Just another day out...on our way to a baby shower!

It's SO hard to take pictures of her now...she's always moving so most pics come out blurry, but at least this one I kinda got a smile :)

Daddy and Lyra 

Momma and Lyra

She fell asleep at the wedding just as it started
I took Lyra grocery shopping with me for the first time this week and it went pretty well, she slept through most of it!

Tummy Time...she's so good at holding her head up!

"Daddy Time"!
The beautiful bride...Mrs. Kim Willig!

Finally, a great pic of us all dressed up :)

If you haven't noticed, we match! Of course I coordinate our outfits together!

Too bad my camera doesn't take great pics in the dark, but this one was ok.
Finally getting use out of her Bumbo Chair...yay!

Another Pinterest Project...Spicy Avocado Chicken Enchiladas

And another...Cookies and Cream Chex Mix

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