Sunday, May 13, 2012

THREE Months!!

Growing up, I had absolutely no idea just how deep my mother's love was for me, until NOW, the moment I held Lyra in my arms after she was born! I knew she loved me and she always said I wouldn't understand until I had kids of my own...and she was right, ugh, she was always right! lol. But now I know, now I know why my mother loved me through all my stubbornness and how I will do the exact same for Lyra.

We have FINALLY reached the 12 week mark where life begins to get A LITTLE bit easier...and it actually has!! At week 11, Lyra really turned a corner...

Sleeping - I can't believe how much more she is sleeping now. I figured with her small self, she wouldn't sleep through the night for quite some time, but hey, no complaints here. She has been consistently falling asleep for the night between 9:30pm-10:00pm and waking up to feed between 5:00am-5:30am, then she'll take less than 30 minutes to eat and she goes right back to sleep for another hour or two till she's up for most the day. Her naps are shorter, but still occur every 1 1/2 - 2 hours when she naps for 30-45 minutes. Some days she'll have a long nap for an hour or two, but not always. She has been sleeping quite a bit lately...I figure she's going through a growth spurt, but not sure. She is still sleeping in our bedroom, in her pack and play. I'm not ready to move her to her crib just yet. It's so much more convenient to only walk to the end of the bed! lol. The only person who is having trouble with sleep now is ME...sometimes its so difficult to go back to sleep after Lyra wakes up the first brain won't shut off and by the time I finally fall asleep, Lyra wakes up soon after. I would think after the 7 or 8 hours of sleep I get, I would not be so tired still, but I really am!!

Play - She's become much more interactive by smiling more, lots of vocal sound, and her favorite thing to do right now is kick her legs! I can put her on her play mat, or in her vibrating chair, or just lay her down beside me without being held for a decent amount of time. She still loves to be held, but for the sake of my back muscles and sanity, I put her down as often as I can, even it that means she has to fuss for a bit. She has been much better about leaving the house and staying out for a little longer. As long as she's fed and changed, she'll chill in her car seat while I shop. She's a pretty good passenger while in the car and usually sleeps majority of the time. My favorite moment in the car with her is looking in my rear view mirror to see Lyra awake, looking out the's so cute! She really doesn't care for her neck pillow and usually fights with it because she can't bring her hands to her face, but she gets over it and passes out within a minute or two.

Getting to know her - I have spent almost every minute of the day with her over the last 3 months and I have enjoyed getting to know every little detail about her. Sometimes I don't even realize how much I know until I begin to talk to someone about her...but that's what's best about being Mom! She has become a little more predictable...I haven't quite figured out all of her cries, but I can tell when she's just fussy or REALLY pissed about something. lol. I know she feels comforted by my touch and voice and that is an amazing feeling. I know she LOVES to fall asleep on Aaron's chest and she does it so well, makes me smile every time, it's so sweet.

It has been an emotional roller coaster over the last 3 months, including many days and nights that I questioned my ability to be a mother and ask myself what the heck was I thinking wanting to have kids...I say this confidently knowing all mother's have been there and said something of the sort, but it's also been a rewarding journey filled with more love in my heart than I could ever imagine! I love that kid, no matter how much her fussiness and crying frustrates me.

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