Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Phone Dump

I realized I had several pictures I had taken over the last two weeks, so I figured I should start posting them now rather than waiting till Lyra's 4 month post. These are on Facebook of course, but for those that follow my blog, these are for you...Enjoy!

Just another day together :)

I'm always trying to catch a pic of her smiling, but as soon as I grab the camera...she stops! Of course...Grr!

I've been a big fan of Pinterest lately, so I've been using my crafty skills to make  few things. This is a bow holder I made for Lyra's room. I bought a brown wooden frame, glitter scrapbook paper, floral accessories, brown ribbon, and pearl embellishments...Oila!

This was my 1st Pinterest project...a summer wreath to hang outside the front door...not too shabby, I think.

YUMMMY....another Pinterest project "Funfetti Cake Bars" You can't just have one...really!
A pic of us at my cousin Melissa's baby shower

I hope that's not her middle finger! lol

Again, no smile when the camera came on, but that face melts my heart!

Just a few minutes later...she was out!

I love that she is starting to grab hold of objects now. She has no idea what she is doing since she' still working on her coordination skills!
My 1st Instagram photo...This is me an Lyra while watching The Bachelorette - our FAVE show on Monday nights!

Such a big girl. She can almost sit up on her own...(with the help of lots of pillows) lol.