Saturday, February 25, 2012

No labor...Just Delivery!

When it was all said and done, it all worked out for the best...having a c-section at the last minute, with no other option, gave me little to no time to analyze or freak out too much considering I wanted a natural labor. I had it pretty easy - no pre labor contraction pains and no physical and mental exhaustion from pushing a baby out. Having a c-section pretty much cut the pain in half...but ONLY in half...there was still pain. The procedure was uncomfortable and scary with all the "unknown". I was most afraid of the epidural, but that turned out to be a piece of cake.  I read that I would only feel pressure during the c-section, but I didn't read HOW MUCH pressure...geez! I had to ask the doctors if I was suppose to be feeling that kind of pain just to be sure, but the moment I heard my baby girl cry, it made it all worth it. Of course I cried. What an emotional moment. The downfall of the c-section was that I couldn't hold her right away, but found comfort knowing Aaron was with her.
I spent about an hour in recovery and then was rolled passed the nursery to see Lyra before getting to my room. I remained in my bed the entire first day while still hooked up to IVs of pain medication. The second day, the IVs were removed and I began oral pain medications in order to get out of bed and try to move around a bit...that was a task and a half. The short distance from my bed to the bathroom felt like a mile away the first few times, but I eventually got the hang of it and by the final day in the hospital, i was moving around all on my own.
My stay in the hospital was A-MAZE-ING! The doctors and nurses were 110% attentive, genuine and just a phone call away if I ever needed anything. I especially loved the nursery nurses that helped me with Lyra, they were so sweet and gentle with her. Even the food was great! I thought it was going to taste like bland cafeteria food, but it was all very yum! The most difficult part of my hospital stay was leaving, lol. While we waited to be discharged, I began to get emotional thinking about going more doctors, no more nurses, no more nursery care, no more room service...good bye fantasy world, hello real world. I told Aaron I was sad about leaving the hospital and he said, "Why?"...obviously I forgot to consider that his stay was no where near as pleasant as mine! lol.
Our first three days of parenthood were quite the adjustment and filled with a variety of emotions. The hardest part was rearranging my sleep schedule to wake up every three hours to feed and pump. It wasn't until then that I could be grateful for the many sleepless nights I experienced throughout the nine months of truly was the best preparation for what I am experiencing now. Aaron on the other hand, well, he'll eventually get used to it, lol.

Getting ready for the OR...I was so nervous!

Finally...Lyra Grace Robilotto!

Getting cleaned up in the nursery

Mommy time :)

She looks just like me...she has "the cleavelin" nose!

Dressed and ready for her hospital pics

Ready to go day she'll grow into her carseat, lol.
Don't we look alike?!?

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