Saturday, December 31, 2011

Moving Right Along...Week 28-30

Well, I'm moving right along and getting a little bigger each week. Can't believe I have only less than 10 weeks to go!

I had been sick for the last two weeks which was miserable, but I finally rid myself of the worst of it, but still have a nagging cough. I definitely miss being able to take any kind of medications I want, like NyQuil. Not being able to take anything strong enough to rid myself of my misery was certainly not ideal, but worth it to keep baby girl healthy!

The time off of work for Christmas break has been such a blessing! It's been great to be a stay-at-home wife, with time to catch up on sleep, organize the house, work on the nursery, spend time with family and friends, and best of all...relax! Man, I could get use to this day! I'm going to savor every minute of these last few days till returning to work.

I had my 30 week check-up on Wednesday and all went well. I miss being able to see baby girl on the sonograms, which makes me even more anxious to see her in person soon. I didn't gain much weight in the last three weeks, but I was already anticipating that with being sick. I ate enough to maintain my weight, but not as much to gain. I'm not worried, I'll make up for it now that I'm feeling better. I have gained a total of 14 pounds so far and that's ALL BELLY! During my appointment, I confirmed that I definitely want a spontaneous delivery, rather than being induced. I've never been the type to plan and I don't have any specific need to so I am perfectly content with going in to labor when baby girl is ready, just hope it's no more than 40 weeks. My doctor said she would ONLY induce if I go passed 41 weeks...what?!? Lord, I hope she wants out before then!!

I have slowly begun to make progress in the nursery...finally! The crib and glider are put together and I just decorated and hung her letters on the wall with picture frames. I chose the light wood color because I wanted to hand down my dresser and night stand from when I was a little girl, which is the light wood. It was my bedroom furniture at my Dad's house and I have managed to keep it in pretty good condition over the last 15 years!! I'm glad I have kept it all these years to hand down to my baby girl and hope to keep it around for as long as I can. There is still plenty more to do in the nursery, but I think I can hold out till after the baby shower. The only thing that needs to get done before then is to put the blinds up in the window. The more progress I make, the more anxious I get!

The crib is done!

Love this and can't wait to use it in the next couple of weeks. Going to wait till my belly is almost at it's max.

Letters are complete.
It's beginning to look a little more like a nursery!
Hercules...what a good helper!

Lola is a big fan of the crib! I always find her in it!

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