Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas with The Cleavelins

This year we decided to visit my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins in Corpus Christi to spend the Christmas weekend with them. I had spent two previous Christmases before meeting Aaron and always had the best time so I was really looking forward to sharing my family with Aaron this year, I knew he would fit right in! My Dad's side of the family is small, so I'm grateful to still be in touch with them and see them as often as I can, but living in different cities makes that a bit difficult. 

After Christmas Eve Mass

The Newlyweds - Nick and Melanie

The Cleavelin Cousins :) I definitely look more related to them than my mom's side!

TJ...and his crutches.

So many stockings to need of more nails to hang them!
BEFORE Santa arrives... took us a while to get through all that!

Thank you Aunt Cindy for adding us to the stockings this year :)
Opening presents was exhausting...nap time!

Baxter prefers to sleep on the pillows.

Crazy Pogo.

LOL...this is how Baxter slept.
Annual Cleavelin Christmas Beer Pong!

I had to cheer on the sidelines this year and made myself a nice little cup rest ;)

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  1. Cute blog, Heather and Aaron! I love it! And, I could not help but notice the purple background!

    Thank you for spending Christmas with us! We enjoyed having you here. You added so much joy to our crazy and loveable family times! I miss you, and so does Baxter, Pogo and Bear! You know that you are welcome here anytime!

    I can't wait for that little Robilotto-Cleavelin baby to get here! Please keep us posted.

    Love, Aunt Cindy