Sunday, December 11, 2011

Catchin' Up...Week 25-27

These last three weeks have flown by and now that we only have ONE more week till Xmas break, I hope it flies by just as quick! On black friday we ordered the baby's crib and the rocking glider...I'm so excited to start working on the nursery. Even though we will be moving shortly after the baby is born, which means I can't decorate the nursery exactly as I want, I'm still eager to see that room transform from the current drab storage room, to a pretty baby girl nursery! Baby girl has been doing great, but mommy has been sick these last couple of days with a cough. I really hate being sick. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it just sucks and now being pregnant it sucks worse having a limited selection of medications to use. Oh how I would just love to pop two Nyquils and pass out for the night :)

I had my 27 week doctor appointment to take my glucose test. Prior to the test I kept hear all kinds of negative stories about how much drinking the liquid sucked and then how then how nauseous it could make you after...turns out, from my experience, it wasn't bad at all. The liquid tasted like orange soda and it was easy to drink in just a few minutes and since I was able to eat prior to the appointment, it didn't make me feel sick. My only regret was not drinking enough water before the appointment because getting my blood work done after the hour wait was the crappiest part. I was a little dehydrated so my veins kept collapsing and the nurse had to poke me in each arm, boo! The best part of the appointment was of course getting to listen to baby girl's heart to my ears.

The Christmas decorations are all up...except the tree! Hopefully Aaron will be bringing one home tomorrow or I think I'd rather just wait till next year. I'm  little nervous with my cat, Lola...she's like a toddler! I can just see her trying to climb the tree and play with all the ornaments. Oh well, guess I better get use to it for when Baby Girl is a toddler. I bought a couple of new decorations this year, trying to add a little more each year. Hobby Lobby is the best place to shop with their 50% off sales!! This year we'll be visiting my Cleavelin relatives in Corpus Christi for Christmas weekend. I spent Christmas with the Cleavelin Clan a few years back, before I met Aaron, and there's never a dull moment in that household! We are looking forward to spending time with them! After Christmas, I'll be traveling to Florida to visit Aaron's parents and his grandparents. Since I'm not attending Aaron's brother's wedding in Mexico, in January, I am glad I will still have a chance to see some of the family before baby girl arrives. And with all of that, I have a feeling the two weeks off for Christmas break are going to go by quickly!

Last week, we attended Aaron's company Christmas party. It was pretty nice...wish teacher's had parties like that! It was held at The Mariott Hotel in Sugarland, lots of food, open bar, gambling tables, photo booth, and the ballroom looked like a wedding reception. It was nice to get all dolled up with my husband that night. A couple good pictures are posted to show our good time!

Last night, Aaron and I joined our friends, Micahl and Courtney to view the block of lighted houses in "Lights in the Heights". We had never been before, so it was all new to us, but apparently it has been better in the past. Basically we strolled up and down a few blocked off set of streets that had decorated their houses and some went all out with bands and choruses outside their homes. It was very festive!

26 Weeks
How sweet is that?!?
They are quite the snugglers :_
Entryway...Lola likes to knock off the Santa doll :/

A few of my 5th period kiddos got to skate in the gym one day. Too bad I'm prego or I would have def joined them!

Love her!

At Aaron's Christmas party
We look like we're at a Prom, lol!

HA HA...this is the "spouse" picture! We pretended to ski, to mock the snow scene background! lol.
I love photo booths!

Lights in the Heights with The Wycoffs

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