Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 21 - 24 Catch Up!!

It's been a few weeks since my last post, so I have a few things to catch up on...

These past few weeks have been great for baby Robilotto, growing and moving, but for Mommy, it has been full of sleep deprivation! I am fully prepared for my lack of sleep once the baby arrives, but I had no idea how sleep deprived I would be DURING pregnancy...omg! The bigger my belly gets the worse my sleep gets. My nights are full of tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable in one place long enough to fall asleep, then if and when I do finally fall asleep, it's only to dream weird prego dreams that keep me from actually sleeping. Every morning has been rough and I'm so tired of being tired. I try to catch up on the weekend with a nap if I can, but that doesn't always fit in the schedule. Aaron has been great at comforting me and helping me stay positive, but you know when you're feeling like crap and someone tries to cheer you up and you just don't want to be...yea, that's me. I usually force a smile and pout as I slowly roll out of bed, but on the inside I'm rolling my eyes and growling! lol...sorry, hunny. Let's see, what else...well, I haven't woken up in the middle of the night to pee, but I have had to get up to drink water from feeling so dehydrated. Doesn't seem to matter how much water I drink throughout the day, I still wake up feeling like I just had a handful of sand...yuck! I finally got feel baby kicks at 21 weeks and have been feeling them sporadically ever since, such a cool feeling! My day at work is hectic and busy, so I don't feel much then, but when I get home and finally put my feet up I can feel her move around. Even Aaron had been able to feel her move too.

I couldn't be more thankful for having only 2 more days of work before the Thanksgiving break...these kids are wearing me out! I really looking forward to doing a whole lot of NOTHING. I want to get crafty and start working on things for the baby's room and definitely nap as much as possible, but that's about it. We're still working on agreeing on baby's name. I have picked out the one I like and i'm pretty much set with it, just waiting on Aaron to give in. I have been saying her name out loud when I speak to him and everytime I do, he likes to respond sarcastically, "who's that?" Thanks hun! Don't worry, he will eventually give him ;)

The pictures will tell the rest of the last few weeks events...enjoy! See you again up...3rd trimester!!

20 week sonogram...this was the BEST picture! It was so amazing to get to see all her details. I won't get any more sonograms for a while, but I'll definitely be getting the 4D sonogram at 28-32 weeks. For now, we just get to hear her heart beat at each check up.
One of my favorite kiddos, Hayleigh. She has been my dance student as a 6th, 7th, and now an 8th grader. I took her with me to the Westfield vs Klein Collins football game to see the drill team perform their "thriller" routine, just before Halloween.
Aaron  and I spent a sunday evening at The Woodlands Pavillion to see The Zach Brown Band, Aaron's favorite band. My favorite song they sing is 'Whatever It Is", it was our first-dance song at our wedding. Unfortunately, we waited till the end of the concert and they never played that song...such a bummer, so we listened to it on the ipod on the way home instead.
Halloween Night - Hercules wore a bow tie for his groom's costume. He wasn't fond of the flash on my phone, so he kept closing his eyes. What a handsome boy :) Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of Lola and her bride costume. She preferred to play with it rather than wear it :/
23 weeks Baby Bump...growing and growing! I'm pretty much "all belly".
Aaron and I drove to Dallas for my cousin's wedding. I was in denial that I actually needed or could even wear a maternity dress until I finally found this one at Motherhood Maternity.

Mr. and Mrs. Robilotto :)
My cousin Nick, the Groom!

Cousins - Mary Beth and Morgan Ann ( we all have "the cleavelin nose") lol.

Me, cousin Nick, Uncle Barry, Aunt Alane, and cousin Morgan Ann
As a gift, the bride and groom had a photo booth set up to take funny pictures throughout the night...I wish we had this at our wedding! This is us...just being ourselves! The last two are my fave :)
It had been quite some time since I made the long, boring drive up to Dallas and boy did I forget just how long and boring it was! Aaron had never experienced a Buc-ee's before, so we had to stop on the way home and this one was great because it was so big...and packed, good lord, who wasn't there?

Had to get beef jerky!

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