Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks!

Everyday I am thankful for everything in my life, good and bad, but today especially we take time to give thanks with our family and friends. Aaron and I will be heading to The Woodlands to celebrate this day with his cousin, Leah and her family and a few friends. Until then, Aaron is still cozy in bed and I'm staying warm on the couch with a hot cup of cocoa while I wait for the Macy's Thanksgiving parade to begin. 

It was a popular trend on Facebook to post what you are thankful for over the last 24 days, but I wasn't good at keeping up with it, so I thought I would post them all here...

1. Being married - it's the best feeling in the world to know that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. I love you, Hunny.
2. Baby Robilotto - We are SO excited to meet her...4 more months to go!
3. Hercules - A.K.A "Mittens". A momma's boy, no doubt. Patient, Loving, and Kind...just like me ;)
4. Lola - Daddy's girl. She has brought so much laughter and joy into our lives with her playful personality. She has been preparing us for our real baby and we know they are going to best pals!
5. My family - no matter the distance, our blood bonds us together and our love is unconditional.
6. Aaron's family - I am truly blessed to have married into a great family. I only wish we lived closer!
7. Friends - Our friends are like family!
8. Cold weather - After a miserably hot summer, I welcome the fall and winter with open complaints here!
9. Starbucks - pumpkin spice latte in October and my current fave for the winter holidays, peppermint white mocha...Mmmmm, heaven in a cup! I have to limit myself during my pregnancy, but I do indulge myself time to time.
10. Naps - Oh how I love thee! Just wish I had more opportunities in the day to take them.
11. Being a Texan - no explanation needed ;)
12. Holidays - especially Thanksgiving and Christmas, a time spent with family and friends.
13. Scarfs - my favorite accessory!
14. My cell phone - sad, but true. In this day and age, how could you not be?
15. Talent - My God given talent of dance.
16.Mindless entertainment - like TV and computers. Each day I come home from work, I plop myself on the couch with my laptop and an evening TV show...ahhh, relaxation! lol.
17. Chapstick - Burt's Bees, of course!
18. Memories - I will always cherish the memories I have with the ones I have loved and lost. Nobody can take that away.
19. The weekends - what would we do without them?!? If only they last 3 days, rather than 2!
20. Pregnancy Books - I have a ton of them and have been reading up a storm for the last 6 months...gotta get ready for the final exam! lol.
21. Salsa Dancing - I only wish I had found it sooner, but the time I have spent so far has been a key to my sanity! I can't wait to get back in it and be able to compete!
22. Facebook - yep, Facebook.
23. Chocolate Cheerios - And the best part is when the milk turns into chocolate milk!
24. Concealer - ugh, especially with the last few months of sleep deprivation and knowing it's not going to get better :/

May you all have a wonderful Turkey Day! I got a jump start on the Xmas decor and began last night. Everything is up except for the Christmas tree which hopefully we will get this weekend, so once we get that up I'll post a few pics.


The Robilottos

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