Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chop - Chop Goes the Hair!

During my five months of pregnancy so far, I have already experienced the loss of control of many daily body changes, my appetite, weight gain, sleepless nights, etc...but where I lack control in one area, I have found that I can still control other areas of my life, like my hair color, hair style, arrangement of my living room furniture, etc!

I had a hair appointment Saturday afternoon and up to that point I hadn't really decided what I was going to do with my cut it or just trim it wasn't until about 5 minutes before my appointment I made the spontaneous decision to cut it all off! I decided I was tired of ruining my hair with endless days of ponytails since as each day of my pregnancy has progressed I have had less desire to take the time to fix my hair, especially in the mornings. I figured, as much as I wasn't really ready to cut off the hair I had taken so much effort and time to grow out, shorter hair would be less maintenance, so why not?!? Now that it's done, I have to say I am truly pleased, no regrets. My husband loves it, he was the one who had been telling me how much he loved my short hair when we first met, I was just too hesitant to cut it after all the time I had put into growing it. My mornings will now be much more pleasant and less time consuming on my hair and even an added "pazazz" for a a night-do didn't take long or much effort at all!  Thank you to the best hair stylist, Kara!

Saturday night, I headed up to The Houston Dance Factory, the studio I teach and dance at, for an Alzheimer's Fundraiser event to watch my Bacherengue Team perform, as well as my salsa kiddos I have been teaching for the past few months. I was sad not to be able to perform with my team...too prego now...but it will be worth the wait and I'm jumping back in as soon as I can! I was so proud of my salsa students, they did such a great job and of course were so adorable!

At 18 weeks pregnant, my bump is finally starting to pop out a little more! My students enjoy watching my belly grow and unfortunately feel the need to constantly rub it...ugh! I allow most of them to rub it, only because it makes them feel special and important, allowing me to create a closer bond with them, so I suck it up and let it happen. I'm really trying to keep a positive attitude this school year and remind myself I only have to survive FOUR more months till my maternity leave...I CAN DO IT!! With each week, it gets a little more difficult to stay on my feet and find my balance while I dance, but I know the exercise is good for me. I sit a ton more than I am accustomed to for being a dance teacher, but my kids seem to understand, so I don't feel too bad. When it comes to my kids being lazy, I tell them "I'm growing a child inside me, what's your excuse?" lol. I refuse to listen to their excuses of being tired or their desire to sit!

I'll be back before you know it to hopefully reveal Baby Robilotto's gender! I have my 20 week appointment next Wednesday, on the 19th, so hopefully baby cooperates this time! Keep your fingers crossed for me!                                                                       

After 2 years of growing it out...chop, chop!
From day to NIGHT!
Prego in heels! Going to wear them for as long as I can :)
My salsa students: Lawrence, Alyssa, and Marco
The Bacherengue Team: Me, Celeste, Tony, and Mary
Mary loves the baby bump!
Because you can never have too many prego pics ;)
The Bacharengue Team: Tony, Me, Luna, and Antonio - this was before our first performance, I was only 3 1/2 months prego and could still barely squeeze into that dress! 

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