Monday, September 5, 2011

One Trimester down...Two more to go!

First of all...Happy Labor Day...and what a wonderful and GORGEOUS day it was outside today. The weather has not been this nice since the month of May. I just hope this wasn't a big tease and it will actually begin to cool down a bit and by cool down, I mean anything below 100 degrees...geez!

This past week was a busy week - it was the first full week of school, hectic, but I survived. Thursday night our school hosted Open House in which we were able to visit with the parents. Open House always comes at the worst possible time, way too early, and I barely know who the kids are and what class I have them in, but as usual I just rolled with the punches and pretended like I knew what I was talking about. lol. There were a ton of parents that showed up, making the two hours fly by and as I left, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

Thursday morning I had another monthly baby check up which was the highlight of my day! I love being able to see the growth of the baby and hear it's heart beat, especially during these beginning weeks when I know there is a baby growing inside me, but I just can't feel it yet. All is well with the baby, growing right on track and counting down the weeks and days till the next appointment! I just ended my 13th week and am beginning my 14th week which also means my 2nd trimester...yay!! I'm really looking forward to this trimester when all the cool stuff happens like being able to feel the baby's movement, talking to the baby, and finding out the gender...Oh Em Gee I'm so excited. I have had several dreams about a baby girl so I'm still thinking it's a girl. I will be 17 weeks at my next appointment, so cross your fingers for me that the baby will cooperate and we will get to find out what it is :)

On Sunday, I went to church. If you know me, you know I haven't attended church regularly since I left home, after high school, so this has been a long time coming and I know my parents were beaming from Heaven saying, Finally! I had been eying a church online and had heard some good things about it, so I finally quit finding excuses and got my butt there. It's actually a Methodist Church, which I'm not, I'm technically Catholic, but they have a contemporary service that I was most interested in. I don't intend on returning to a Catholic church, I find that non-denominational churches have more appeal to me. This church has the same core beliefs I'm looking for and does communion, baptisms, and bible studies. I did enjoy the service. It was quick, painless, educational and uplifting...I felt like I could begin my day with peace. I will definitely go again this Sunday and take Aaron with me since he was driving back from Austin and couldn't go.

Today Aaron and I got out of the house to enjoy the nice weather and surprisingly he agreed to go to Baby's R Us and Target with me. This was a much needed eye opening experience for him so he could see just what a baby cost...EXPENSIVE! It at least gave us a better idea of what we want and need and think of less expensive options in purchasing, like craig's list and consignment stores, etc. We actually made our first baby purchase while we were can never have too many and we have been talking about starting to purchase them now, so we did and we even left with a new Rewards Card. I definitely can't wait to start registering!

 He/She is upside students kept thinking the head was the smaller part. lol.

 Baby bump @ 13 weeks. My students love to point it out!

 I saw the ballerina bears and of course loved it :) I'm not a fan of the bear, but loved the ballerina theme.

 You can never have too many why not start now?!? It was a good deal!

 My first glass of wine after 3 months...yum! I didn't even finish it, Aaron helped me a bit.

 Yes...A QUART of Sweet Cream and Oreos (just for me)...Dee-lish-us!

 Lola, she just looked so was picture worthy.

Hercules, always knows the best spots to sit....until Lola comes to bug him and is forced to move. lol.

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