Friday, September 30, 2011

Nope, Not Yet!

Baby Robilotto @ 17 weeks

*Sigh*...our results were inconclusive! UGH! I really had a feeling that this would happen today, but was praying it hoping we would finally know. So my Doctor THINKS it is a girl, but said not to go out shopping for all pink stuff just yet. I had some caffeine this morning, so Baby R was wide awake and bouncing off the walls, but it was in the breached position, facing away from us, and wouldn't cooperate by spreading the legs...apparently Baby R already has a mind of its own, great :/ lol. I was actually kind of surprised that my doctor was quick to announce that she thought it was a girl since I had began to get comfortable with the possibility of a boy. My doctor truly gave her best efforts in getting baby to cooperate, I laid there for at least 10-15 minutes trying to relax and remain patient and hopeful while watching the amazing view of the sonogram. I just love seeing that little baby of ours and I especially can't wait to FEEL it! With all that moving it was doing, I can't believe I didn't even feel little flutters. So now we wait....3 more loooooong weeks till my 20 week appointment and I guess I'll have to hold out a little longer on the shopping, but I know it will be worth the wait!! I'm telling you...the Lord is constantly testing my patience! It just goes to show that even from within the womb, we have little to no control over what our child does sometimes, right?!?

Took this picture of my belly last night! Everyone else thinks I have a tiny bump, but to me, it's pretty big and I"m proud of it :) and my more of an "innie" belly button has now become more of an "outie"! In 17 weeks I have gained a whopping SIX pounds and I think I gained the last two pounds in just the last week, so I'm right on target by beginning to gain two pounds each week during my second trimester. I know, I sound crazy, but SIX pounds is a damn big deal for me. 

So I guess I'll be back in a few weeks to give you an update! I think we will know for sure this time since I'll be 20 weeks and baby will be a little bigger. I'm going to do my best to not get too excited about a baby girl just yet...key work "try"...

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