Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby Bump Update: Is it a boy or girl?!?

Baby Bump Pic @ 17 weeks...I look like I'm arching my back, 
but that's just how I stand now, I can't help it!

Only  FOUR more days till my next doctor appointment and we get to find out if Baby Robilotto is a boy or girl...ahhhhhhh....the anticipation is KILLING me and if the baby doesn't cooperate and we are not able to tell what gender baby is, I just might scream!! I even made a countdown at work, to place on my classroom wall, mostly because my students were driving me nuts with constantly asking me when I will know. Now I can just say, "read the board"! I need to make another sign that says, "NO, I don't have a name picked out yet and NO I don't care if it's a boy or girl!" LOL...but seriously, the same questions over and over....a hormonal pregnant woman can only take so much. I say "I don't care" and I really do mean that. At first I really wanted a girl, but I have become more comfortable with the fact that I could have a little boy. Girls are expensive, all drama, and tend to be "daddy's girl. Boys...well, they are smelly, but they love their momma's and mine will definitely be a "momma's boy"! I can't believe I have already made it to 17 weeks, it really does fly by as quickly as everyone says it does. So much to little time, right?!? I have waited a loooong 30 years to be a mom...I am more than ready, so bring it on :)

My pregnancy has still been very easy, I just hope it stays that way. I think being a dance teacher really helps prevent aches and pains and if I feel any, I know how to work the kinks out. I crave EVERYTHING, but I especially love fruit...isn't that glad I don't crave junk food. My sleeping conditions are okay...I know it will get worse though. I still sleep through the night without getting up to pee, but I toss and turn more to get comfortable one side or the other and the prego dreams are getting weirder and weirder. I could do without those. Definitely not big enough for maternity clothes. I just bought tons of stretchy sweat pants for work and comfy t-shirts that are a size larger than I usually know, for growth. Again, being a dance teacher is really beneficial as a prego! For my jeans, I can't button them anymore so I use a hair tie to keep them for now, till I need a belly band.

Well, I'll be back in a couple of days to post my sonogram results, so keep your fingers crossed that all goes well!! What do you think I will have...boy or girl? Some say I look like I'm having a boy since I'm already carrying low. Anything healthy works for me :)

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