Sunday, August 21, 2011

End of Summer Ketchup!

Well Summer officially ended for me last Thursday as I dragged my feet back to work for Staff Development. Thursday was dreadful while in boring meetings all day, but at least Friday was better as we got to go to the TUTS building for our Fine Arts staff development. I have two more days this coming week of staff development then the heathens return! lol. It's going to be a crazy year now that I am pregnant, but hopefully it will also make it go faster. My ideal plan is to take the remaining school time off once the baby is due which is why I'm already on the ball looking for a maternity sub. I actually have 2 people interested, which is awesome!

Next week I will be 12 weeks...3 months! Can you believe it?!? It's already flying by! I'm still exhausted all.the.time so I'm hoping that begins to wear off in the next week or so because I'm going to need all the energy I can get for this school year! I'm hungry every two hours and I bought so much food at the grocery store yesterday...good lord! I'm not having any major cravings yet, but I am really enjoying fruits and least it's something healthy. My nails are so long and strong...that never happens for me...never! I have always worn fake nails because my real nails are so fragile, but i'm really enjoying my natural nails now and the best part...they don't break! Really, I have hit my nails on so many things lately and still, no! Aaron and I have been throwing a few names around, but we have yet to agree on anything and we probably never will. So far I like Emma and Sophia for a girl and Aiden for a boy. I decided I'm just going to wait till I find the gender out before really diving into names, it's not worth stressing out right now. I have my next appointment on September 1st and i'll be 13 weeks so the next appointment after that I will be 17 weeks which means, according to my doctor, I will be far enough along to find out the gender...yay!

I'm just ready for cooler weather! This summer has been ridiculously H.O.T!!! If someone from another state were to ask me what the weather is like in Houston, I would reply, "plug in your blow dryer, turn it on High, and blow it directly at your face...that's what it feels like." I will certainly be much more appreciative of the Fall and Winter weather this year, no complaints here. Seriously. Just glad I'm only in my first trimester during the worst of it.

Hope everyone had a good Summer and I'm sure we are all on the same page as we see it come to an end. To my fellow teachers, best of luck on your first week back. The pictures will tell the rest of the story...

End of Summer LifeTime Counselor Dinner @ Pappasitos...loved my award!

 And the headache of changing my last name begins...This was the line at the DPS one morning and a dreadful 2 hours later, I was out. Thankfully the Social Security line was much shorter of a wait!!

 This was the size of my baby....a green tiny!
 I had happen to have one in my salad.

 First Baby Bump picture @ 10 weeks :)

 @ Miller Outdoor Theatre for Corey Morrow Concert

 This time with a flash

 Finally got a new bedspread which we love, but def need a higher thread count on the sheets!

 I love wall art quotes!
The frame on the left is meant for our wedding photos, once i get them printed, but for now decorative paper works for the time.

 Finally hung our wedding sign-in frame and a fitting quote beneath it "

 With the help of Hobby Lobby, I decorated my new gradebook and lesson planner to make it look snazy!

 Something different...

 No, not showing off my ring. One of the many benefits of being preggers is how insanely long AND strong my nails have become...crazy! Finally got a manicure the other day and can't believe these are all mine!

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