Monday, July 4, 2011

Mid-Summer...where does the time go?!?

Happy July 4th Everyone! Aaron and I had a great day relaxing by the pool and soaking in the sun, something we rarely get to do. It's a bit of a change from our usual annual BBQ with friends, sit by the pool, and wait for the firework extravaganza, but we're content with taking it easy today. I am in much need of recharging my batteries before another work week, although short, begins tomorrow. My summer job has kept me VERY busy...80 kids a week and an adventure day on Wednesdays, along with walking up 3 flights of stairs too-many-times-to-count a day! I have begun to use the elevator at little more frequent, but sometimes it's not worth the wait, lol. My legs are going to look awesome by the end of summer though! After these next fours days I have a week off from camp and my Mother-In-Law will be in town...see you soon, Sally :)....I'm looking forward to her visit, but it's going to be quite a shock in temperature for her, from her usual 80-something degrees in New York! This is an awful drought we are experiencing this summer and my front lawn is desperately seeking nourishment, but it's just not worth it till it cools down a bit! Aaron keeps busy with work and grad summer school, he actually just finished up one of his summer sessions and now has a short break before the next session begins. He releases stress through his jujitsu classes throughout the week and I find my sanity in my salsa classes; needless to say, we have a busy schedule, but it helps us appreciate our time together and we take advantage of any day we can just relax. I posted a few pictures of what I have been up to (sorry, Aaron is not in any of these pics, it wasn't intentional, lol) ...other than, enjoy!

 Our first field trip with Summer Camp was at the Houston Zoo. My mother was a huge fan of elephants, so I was glad to find them out, enjoying a bath, so I could get a picture of them to remind me of her :)

 One of my campers, Hayden :)

 A shopping trip to The Woodlands Mall with Suzanne and a pic of them with their shades on...
2 cute ;)

 Life is so much better with short hair. I really don't miss it being long, it was more of a pain than anything. I recently had one of those "latest craze" feathers put in and so far I really like it! Nothing too drastic, I kept it subtle...maybe something more bold next time.

 Baby Addie's 1st's been a year already? Here she is getting ready to chomp down on her cake...she did pretty well!

 Me and my niece (my best friend's daughter), Zoe...she is 6 months already, but she's still tiny :)

 Hanging out by the pool for 4th of July...showing off my new swimsuit.

 And last, but certainly not least....HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY to our baby girl, Lola!! You have made our life so interesting with your "crazy" personality (it's a good thing she's cute, lol). Seems like yesterday you only weighed 3 lbs at your first vet visit and now your a big girl! We love you, Lozers!

(Yes, we love our cats as if they were our kids...we're not crazy...we promise!)

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