Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2 years down...a lifetime to go!

2 years ago today I met Aaron on our first date, at Buffalo Wild Wings, in The Woodlands. We had just been matched on eHarmony only 7 days before and had been emailing and talking on the phone every day until our first date. Dating on eHarmony was an great experience for me, I enjoyed the people I met, even if it was just for one date, but the toughest part about it was going on the first date and meeting that person for the first time...face to face, praying everything I had liked about that person so far would continue once I was no longer looking at a picture on the website. I met four other guys on eHarmony prior to meeting Aaron and within the first 5 seconds of each date, I knew I wouldn't have a connection and at the end of the date I would call my best friends and give them the disappointing details and they would try to convince me that I shouldn't be so quick to judge and maybe what I thought I wanted wasn't what I needed, but after 12 looooooong years of dating, I knew EXACTLY what I was looking for...that's how I knew Aaron was different. I had an instant connection with him and when I called my girlfriends at the end of the date, I was giddy. I knew by the end of that date that he was the one...and the rest is history!

Thank you, hunny, for being you...a provider, witty, adventurous, ambitious, and yes...even frugal (someone's gotta do it, lol)!! I love you more every day. You treat me like the princess I deserve to be, love me unconditionally and most importantly, you love my Mittens and Lola :) Two years down....a lifetime to go! You are my favorite...you are my only...you are my only favorite ;)


Your Wifey

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  1. Awww this is so sweet! I didn't know you guys met on eHarmony...that's where Craig and I met! Don't worry,I'm not trying to get all ominous on ya ;)