Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Married Life....

I finally got around to setting up our new blog! It's still a little under construction, but I wanted to share a few special memories of our wedding day with you. I couldn't wait to get our pictures back from our photographer and I now that I have them I couldn't be more pleased with them. He took A TON, which I loved since it allowed me to relive such a fabulous day and everytime I look at our pictures I will do just that!

I have to say that "married life" is fabulous, granted we are only two weeks into it, but I know it only gets better from here. We just had our friends tell us last night that we still have "that glow" about! One of the many perks is being able to call each  other "my wife" or "my husband"...we love that! We are still finalizing our honeymoon destination. With Aaron being in grad school, we have to schedule our vacation around his summer sessions, so we are waiting to find out what the summer session dates will be. We know we want to go on a cruise, but that's as far as we have come.

Life is very busy for The Robilottos...I'm counting down the days till school is out and I could not be more ready to break free for the summer; although I just accepted a summer job at the gym I work at, as the Summer Camp Supervisor, so I will remain busy. Aaron is finishing up his first semester in grad school and still looking for a better job opportunity, which is a full time job in itself. I'm turning 30 on Wednesday...I can't believe it! 30's are the new 20, right?!? My 30's are going to be a fabulous decade and I'm welcoming it with open arms...marriage and kids...bring it!

Well I won't keep you any longer from enjoying a few pictures I have uploaded for you. Like I said, my photographer gave us A TON, but I shared just enough with you to tell a great love story...enjoy!

The dress
Waiting to get my make-up done
My handsome husband-to-be
Loved to be pampered...but I remember feeling very anxious while sitting there so long!
I look so peaceful on the outside, but I was a ball of nerves on the inside! lol
I loved all the purple!
Reading Aaron's of my fave moments!
Bridesmaid's gifts
Putting the veil on...oh what a task in a half that was!
Aaron....waiting...hmm...wonder what he's thinking?!?
I made it down the aisle and into Aaron's arms...phew!
This was the moment all my nerves went away and I was full of confidence!
I loved our venue!
You may kiss your bride :)
YAY...WE DID IT!! Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Robilotto
Aaron's family
My family - mom's side (only a few of them)
Light as a feather!
Wedding party
First Dance - "Whatever It is" Zac Brown Band
Mother/Son Dance
Couldn't share the day without my parents!! I know they were with me in spirit!
Whipped Cream Icing...YUM!
We danced the night away!
Another fave memory :)
Couldn't believe it was over...where did the time go?!?


  1. What a beautiful synopsis of a wonderful, dream come true day!! Much love and all good wishes for an exciting, God filled life ahead.
    Love to another Mrs. Robilotto,

  2. Looks like everything went off without a hitch! I love the pic you guys dancing and the one of y'all walking out (so cute that Aaron is carrying your bag!) Best wishes and enjoy married life! Next comes babies! YEA!

  3. Ha...I think I handed that to him before walking out! Yes, babies...we can't wait!