Saturday, April 16, 2011

Embracing Change...

FINALLY....after 9+ torturous months of growing my hair out, forced to keep it the same shape all this time...when it was time to sit in the chair and hear my hairstylist, Kara, ask "so, what are we doing today?" I said "CHANGE, PLEASE!" Of course, it didn't come out that easy, I was a bit hesitant in my decision so I brought 3 pictures of potential hairstyles I liked and allowed Kara to give me her professional opinion. I considered chopping it off, but damn, it took SO. LONG. TO. GROW. IT. OUT...OMG! Maybe somewhere down the road I will cut it short again, but for now, I'll keep growing it...till I get bored. So it was only cut enough to give my hair a new shape and to add the biggest change...BANGS! Ok, so I haven't had bangs since I was probably 12 so needless to say I was just a tiny bit scared, but I considered the fact that bangs have come a looooonnnnnng way since I was 12 and look much more stylish now, so I trusted Kara's opinion and went for it...and I love it!

This was taken at work...I usually wear my hair in a ponytail at work, but I chose to wear it down one last time so my kiddos could see how long it now was and I could begin to visualize what my new hairstyle would be

 A very nice change! So I have to share with you that I had one of my friends call me to ask if I was pregnant because apparently my face looks fat in this picture! Well first of it really all that bad that I look fat for once in my life?!? I just can't catch a break! lol. And second of all...NO, i think the bangs just make my face look fuller!

Last night, I took my Intermediate/Advanced Dance students to perform in the Westfield HS Lariette Spring Show. One group performed a African/Modern routine to "Ramalama" and the other group performed a Jazz routine to "Billy Jean". They did an awesome job and represented Roberson MS Dance Department very well! Great job girls!

Praying and Practicing...

 "Please don't let us mess up..." 

 "Ramalama (bang bang)"
8 out of the 14 are 8th graders, going off to high school next year :(

 "Billy Jean"
Only 2 of the 10 are 8th graders. The rest are 7th graders that I also taught last year and will teach again next year for their 8th grade babies are growing so fast!

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  1. Heather--
    What a joy to read about your life--personal and professional. Your students are so cute--look like they have so much personality and energy!
    I hope I'll be able to see them perform some day soon in person.

    Thank you for this ongoing story!!
    Love, mama2